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Maintenance & repair services  

Aspatec has its own Maintenance and repair division consisting of professional and fully trained staff. That is why you can always count on our team of specialists.


Aspatec service

Aspatec has its own Maintenance & Repair division consisting of professional and fully trained staff. Also, you can always count on our Aspatec’s team of specialists for any additional services.

With Aspatec our customers are able to purchase/set up a service contract, including with our smaller products such as the AspaTabs. Service contracts can also be fully arranged according to the filter and purification systems installed. Together, we can align and suit the service contract to your needs including in the event of a breakdown.

You can reach out to our  calamity service line 24/7. There is always someone able to support you in case of emergency. Our Aspatec service contract also, provides periodic maintenance on all systems. This includes a detailed service report.

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Aspatec maintenance

In addition to the comprehensive service contracts we also offer a maintenance contract. The maintenance contract is included in a service contract, but focuses purely on periodically maintenance of Aspatec’s installed products.

For example replacing odor filters, replenishing filter media, cleaning filter systems and such like. The maintenance contract on the other hand focuses exclusively on the necessary work that needs to be done on Aspatec’s products. We can help you select a maintenance contract that suits your installation needs and your organisation’s surroundings.

For both the service and maintenance contracts, we also service parts that are not from Aspatec. We can be flexible and have an experienced and professional team that can always assist you with any air and water purification systems as well as any filter systems


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Aspatec Holland provides its own maintenance and repair service. Throughout the past years we were able to perform all maintenance and repairs of fragrance filters quickly and professionally. Safety is of utmost importance, which is why all our mechanics have  a VCA certificate and NEN-EN 50110 / NEN3140.

Do you need maintenance?

To prevent odor complaints, the filter must be replaced well in time. In addition preventive maintenance must also be carried out on our Plasma technique!