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Aspatec Holland BV is based in Alphen aan den Rijn and specializes in quality filtration systems that help prevent odors  and control corrosion. We offer many different solutions. Would you like to know more about our products ?

Odor filters

Aspatec Holland has been supplying odor filters for years. The most well-known is probably the AS100/4, the so-called “mushroom”. Over the past years, the range has expanded and the possibilities for custom made solutions have grown.

Filter media

Increasingly, pure, clean air and wastewater treatments do not seem to go together. Aspatec filters, combined with the unique OdorOxidizer, prevent odor emissions and keep the air clean.


Aspatec Holland’s latest solutions is the PlasmaTec Sewer, which uses the new PlasmaTec technique. This unique filter / purifier produces active oxygen, a process inspired by nature.


Water is vital to all living organisms. Purifying water is a costly and complex process. In order to prevent overload of the sewer system or because the government makes this mandatory, more and more companies are using a water purification system

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The perfect  solution for a foul smelling sewer

Aspatec Holland has the solution for a sewer with foul odors: the filter is made with cold plasma. Long standing still waste water causes high concentrations of Sulphur (H2S), resulting in corrosion and foul odors.

Aspatec Holland has designed an economical and effective new technique that actively provides the sewer with oxygen when the water level in the sewer decreases. This unique filter/treatment device actively produces oxygen and ozone, which immediately reduces all sulphur compounds in the sewer.

When the water level rises, the air pumped out of the sewer system is filtered, as a result there are no more bad odors and that the buffer function of the sewer remains intact. 

How does it work?

  • When the pump turns on, the system adds active oxygen to the pump pit
  • When the pump well is filled with wastewater, the odor filter filters residual emissions
  • Result: no more odors from the sewer, and a decrease in organic pollution. With the Aspatec Sewer, your sewer well remains clean.

The systems are easily to install. 

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From revolution to evolution "The Aspastec Sewer"

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Aspatec Holland provides its own maintenance and repair service. Throughout the past years we were able to perform all maintenance and repairs of fragrance filters quickly and professionally. Safety is of utmost importance, which is why all our mechanics have  a VCA certificate and NEN-EN 50110 / NEN3140.

Do you need maintenance?

To prevent odor complaints, the filter must be replaced well in time. In addition preventive maintenance must also be carried out on our Plasma technique!