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Water application

Water is indispensable for the living and everything on this planet. Next to oxygen water should be a priority. Water should be purified according to the legal requirements and Aspatec as a specialist can help!


Aspatec water applications

Clean water from the tap is a given in nearly every household, but in the industrial sector this is not always the case. Water should be purified according to legal standards. And Aspatec is the right specialist to help! Companies are increasingly implementing their own water purification system to prevent  sewer overload. This allows waste water to be purified directly at the source. This solution is applied in many areas where there is a lot of waste water including at food producers, in restaurants, holiday parks and industrial complexes. 

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In order to keep water clean and filtered, Aspatec has developed an effective solution AspaTabs. These airtightly packed tablets contain inactive bacteria and chemical oxygen. Once they come into contact with contaminated water, the bacteria will become active. Together with the oxygen present, these tablets will filter organic sludge, mud, natural oils and fats from the wastewater.

This results in a situation where all existing organic compounds are dissolved as much as possible and that only non-organic materials remain. As a result, the waste water has already been filtered to a large extent, which is good for the environment and also prevents the overload and increased contamination of the sewer. Waste water emissions are severely reduced, thereby contributing to keeping our ecosystem healthy and clean. 


From revolution to evolution "The Aspastec Sewer"

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Aspatec Holland provides its own maintenance and repair service. Throughout the past years we were able to perform all maintenance and repairs of fragrance filters quickly and professionally. Safety is of utmost importance, which is why all our mechanics have  a VCA certificate and NEN-EN 50110 / NEN3140.

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To prevent odor complaints, the filter must be replaced well in time. In addition preventive maintenance must also be carried out on our Plasma technique!