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Air applications

Air purification is used in many situations and Aspatec as your preferred partner can help. We specialize in the development and implementation of various odor filters that purify dirty (harmful) air.

Aspatec Air Applications

Clean air is important for people, animals, the environment, your surroundings, business and more. Clean air ensures pleasant living and working conditions. Odor prevention is import. The deterioration of clean air can cause unpleasant situations and in serious cases even prove to be harmful.

Enjoying clean air whilst sitting at home is very pleasant. Clean air is also important in work situations. Not only for the work process, but equipment can also deteriorate under polluted air. It is therefore important to prevent corrosion on your devices and machines, to guarantee optimal processing. This applies to both employees and equipment.

Air purification is needed in many situations, Aspatec is your preferred partner to help. We specialize in the development and application of various odor filters that purify the dirty (harmful) air. With its air purification system, Aspatec can remove stench effectively. Source stench and also prevent it. Aspatec works for water boards, municipalities, ground, waste treatment plants, meat processors, asphalt producers, the industrial sector, food producers and more. For more information stop by to see us.

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Aspatec guidelines

Aspatec can filter up to 99.9% of smell and odor depending on the installation. The air applications that Aspatec implements are based on a number of elements.

  • Current air purity
  • Is there a chance that electronic erosion will occur?
  • Are there any dangerous situations?
  • Which filter system can be integrated into your current system?
  • Which facilities are needed for your surroundings?

Based on the answer to these elements, Aspatec will carry out an audit on-site to determine the right solution. The air application solution consists of a number of things. For example, a correct installation is important. Filtering at the source or the final emissions? What filter materials and which filter will be used? We prefer to do the audit on premise so that the solution is the right fit.

For more information about our air purification products or any of our other tailor-made solutions, you can request a quotation without obligation.


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Aspatec Holland provides its own maintenance and repair service. Throughout the past years we were able to perform all maintenance and repairs of fragrance filters quickly and professionally. Safety is of utmost importance, which is why all our mechanics have  a VCA certificate and NEN-EN 50110 / NEN3140.

Do you need maintenance?

To prevent odor complaints, the filter must be replaced well in time. In addition preventive maintenance must also be carried out on our Plasma technique!