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About Aspatec

Quality filter installations

Aspatec is based in Alphen aan den Rijn. We are specialized in quality filter installations to prevent odors and corrosion. We are continuously looking to improve and develop new air filtration techniques.


Aspatec and the climate

Across the globe we are concerned about  the climate, our environment and air pollution. Complex issues are asking us to come up with solutions . Aspatec Holland BV is your preferred partner for innovative and sustainable purification systems. 

At Aspatec we are continuously looking for safe, environmentally friendly and above all solutions for all your air problems. Whether it is about reducing odor emissions or improving the quality of your waste water – Aspatec always strives for optimal results. We also help reduce costs, increase efficiency of your systems and simply make the world around us cleaner.

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Air filtration

Aspatec odor filters purify the air for, water boards and pumping stations, waste processing companies, meat processors, asphalt producers and industrial companies such as food producers. Depending on the situation, our installations filter up to 99.9 percent of odor and gases. We produce the OdorOxidizer ourselves, a third-generation adsorbent medium for maximum adsorbent capacity at minimal costs.

Water purification

To keep your system clean and odorless, Aspatec Holland offers you a clear solution: AspaTabs. The bacteria in these tablets are used in small fat wells in restaurants, but also in larger systems in bungalow parks and at food producers. Your water treatment remains clean and odor-free, and  the organic sludge, mud and natural oils and fats are removed from the waste water. The tablets can also be used in sewer systems, on car washes and even in open water to prevent algae build up.

As an Aspatec customer, you not only benefit from clean skies and systems; the costs of the drainage of your waste water and the maintenance of your installation will also be reduced significantly. Clogging and deterioration of your system and odors are prevented with the help of the unique and effective AspaTabs.



From revolution to evolution "The Aspastec Sewer"

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Aspatec Holland provides its own maintenance and repair service. Throughout the past years we were able to perform all maintenance and repairs of fragrance filters quickly and professionally. Safety is of utmost importance, which is why all our mechanics have  a VCA certificate and NEN-EN 50110 / NEN3140.

Do you need maintenance?

To prevent odor complaints, the filter must be replaced well in time. In addition preventive maintenance must also be carried out on our Plasma technique!